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Historians suggest that Edo, even before it became the capital and was renamed Tokyo

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Kyoto :D

(its on wiki)

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Q: Before the Meiji Restoration Japan's capital city was?
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What was Japan's capital city before the Meiji Restoration?

Edo (Tokyo).

During the Meiji Restoration Japans army and navy were trained by experts from?

Europe and the United States ;)

What is the Meiji revolution?

The Meiji revolution (Also known as the Meiji Restoration) was a number of events that led to enormous changes in Japans social and political structure in the last half of the 19th. Century.

What was Japan's capital before Meiji Restoration?

The capital city of Japan before Tokyo was Kyoto.

What was Japan's old capital?

Records show Dazaifu was an administrative capital in 663 A.D before Nara became the capital,however the were many Capitals in ancient Japan. Dating records have shown that the site Yoshinogari dates to before 400 BC

What was a result of the Meiji Restoration for the Japanses?

The demand for natural resources was increased during the industrialization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration.

How large is Japans Empire after World War 2?

EArly Meiji restoration govt boundaries with the exception of the Kuril islands, which r now owned by Russia.

Where did the Meiji Restoration take place?

The Meiji Restoration took place in Japan.

Who ruled Japan before the Meiji Restoration?

Japan was ruled by the Tokugawa Shogunate, essentially a Feudalistic confederacy that remained closed to the rest of the world, until the Meiji Restoration.

Did Feudalism continue during the years of the Meiji Restoration.?

No, feudalism did not continue during the Meiji Restoration.

Did Feudalism continued during the years of the Meiji Restoration.?

No, feudalism did not continue during the Meiji Restoration.

What was a result the Meiji restoration for the Japanese?

They received more freedoms than they had had before.