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SAS is a British invention and stands for Special Air Service and their the people who do the most dangerous missions in the British Army.

They have the worlds most longest hardest training.reason being its NOT a regiment that u can just walk in and "enroll" like everyother regiment,the S.A.S pick YOU! u have to have served atleast 3 yrs in some form of regiment and then get put through 1 whole year of what is known as the most gruelling training in the world,and then u still mite not make the grade.out of every 1000 men that get picked to train for the British S.A.S only around 4 will make the grade,they select the best of the best then make them better. everyother regiment in the world, be it the American Delta force or British army etc etc anybody can just walk in off the street and enroll,get around 12 weeks of training and vwola ure a soldier.

Also the British S.A.S are the most copied in the world,they even help out and better other countries troops like they did with American Delta Force,help make them better. but the British S.A.S do not share "everything" are are the most secretive in the world.

This is a list of countries that base/copy the British S.A.S

United States - Delta Force

Australia - Special Air Service Regiment

New Zealand - New Zealand Special Air Service

Canada - Joint Task Force 2

Israel - Sayeret Matkal

Australia - Extant - Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

Belgium - Extant - Belgian Special Forces Group, closely modelled on the SAS and consisting of Land, Air and Boat sections. Comprises about 120 operational personnel distinguished by the maroon beret with the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol insignia.

Defunct - During WWII 5 (Belgian) SAS squadron, from 1944 '5 SAS' Regiment, consisted of Belgian volunteers. Notable as the first Allied troops to enter Belgium and the first to cross the Siegfried line, into Germany. Traditions are currently continued by 1 PARA of the Paracommando Brigade.

Canada - Extant - The Canadian Military's Joint Task Force 2 is closely modelled on the SAS. (Although it traces its lineage to the Canadian SAS Company created in 1946, its structure is not generally known.)

Defunct - An SAS Company was created in 1946 and disbanded in 1948.[2]

Denmark - Frømandskorpset (Naval Special Forces) and Jægerkorpset (Army Special Forces).

France - The 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (1er Régiment Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine) (1er RPIMa:SAS), is the heir of the World War II French SAS units ('French' Squadron, 1 SAS from 1er Compagnie, BIA; 3 and 4 SAS, ie, 3 BIA and 4 BIA, subsequently 3 RCP and 2 RCP). Its official motto is "qui ose gagne", the French translation of "Who Dares Wins". The Regiment's operators are also nicknamed "les SAS français" (the French SAS). Recently, the Regiment created a Squadron (3rd Company) Patrouilles SAS or "PATSAS" (SAS Patrols), using heavily-armed jeeps for raids behind enemy lines (particularly with 22 SAS and the Australian SAS in Afghanistan).

Germany - The German Army Special Forces unit, the KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte), is also closely patterned on the SAS.

Greece - Greek Special Forces, originate from the post-war ?.?.?. (spelled L.O.K. from "Loxoi Oreinon Katadromon" - Mountain Raider Detachments) which were the post-WWII successor of the "Sacred Band" ("Ieros Loxos"). The "Sacred Band" was formed in 1942 in the Middle East from a group of dedicated volunteers, former officers and officer cadets who relinquished their rank and commission in order to fight as regular soldiers. Under their C.O. - Col. Christodoulos Tsigantes, they fought alongside the SAS and SBS in the Libyan desert and the Aegean as well as with General Leclerc's Free French in Tunisia. It is no coincidence that modern Greek Special Forces insignia, bears a distinct resemblance to their brethren SAS insignia, with a winged, upward pointing sword and underscribed motto "? ?????? ????" (essentially translation of "Who Dares Wins").

Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Special Duties Unit is a part of the Hong Kong Police Force and was formed in 1973. SDU was modelled on the SAS and was trained by the SAS and SBS.

Indonesia - Detasemen Bravo Paskhas TNI AU.

Israel - The Sayeret Matkal, an elite unit of the IDF, is modelled on the SAS, and shares the same motto, "Who Dares Wins." Responsible for Operation Entebbe. Also Sayeret Shaldag.

Italy - The Army's 9th Parachute Assault Regiment, and the Carabinieri's Gruppo di Intervento Speciale are partly based on the SAS.

Japan - The National Police Agency's Special Assault Team received training from British SAS operators prior to its activation on 1 April 1996.

Malaysia - The Malaysian VAT 69/UTK is a special forces of the Royal Malaysian Police Force based on by the SAS. VAT 69 modelled on and trained by the British SAS in 1969 for fighting the communist insurgency and Special Actions Unit (Unit Tindakan Khas) was based from the SAS and increased on by the United States SWAT after hostage incident by JRA Terrorist in August 1975. On 20 October 1997, VAT 69 and UTK merged and was then called Pasukan Gerakan Khas (Special Operations Force).

Netherlands - The Korps Commandotroepen.

New Zealand - Special Air Service of New Zealand.

Norway - Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK).

Pakistan - The SSG commandos are also partly based on the SAS.

Philippines - The Philippine National Police's (PNP) Special Action Force was believed to have been based on the lines of the British SAS.

Poland - GROM, partly based on the SAS.

Rhodesia - 'C' Squadron 22 SAS was composed of Rhodesian troops. It formed the nucleus of the Rhodesian SAS Regiment after the end of the Malayan Emergency in 1953, and subsequently the British SAS have never raised another 'C' Squadron within 22 SAS. The Rhodesian SAS disbanded in December 1980 after the country became Zimbabwe. (See SAS Rhodesia by Fourie, C., & Pittaway, J., published Dandy Agencies, Durban, South Africa, 2003.)

Sri Lanka - Spe

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The best paid soldiers in the world are the members of the Canadian Forces, fresh out of Basic Training make up to 45,000/YR After 5 Years 65,000/yr and if a member of the Canadian Forces desires to go into the Special Counter Terrorism Unit, they will eanr no less than 120,000 a year..

Canadian Soldiers are paid for there training by the UN and the Canadian Government

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It mostly a matter of personal opinion. It also depends on how you define "best".

By "best" if you mean technologically, you would be talking about an equal draw between the UK, US and France.

If by "best" you mean special forces, it would again be a draw between the UK, US, France and Russia.

If by "best" you mean by numbers, it would be a draw between China and Russia.

If you mean "best" by commandship and aggressiveness, it would be a draw between China, North Korea, Russia and Pakistan.

If you mean best by peacekeeping and peacefulness, it would be a draw between Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand and Canada.

If you mean "best" by allied powers, it would be a draw between NATO and the European Union.

If you mean "best" by the most active and most proven, then the answer is the UK (or in the case of the past, the Roman Empire). Since both of these controlled almost 95% of the known(not including unknown) world at some point in different eras (only 22 out all the countries on the globe have not been invaded by the UK).

These opinions come from a blog written by a military journalist.

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