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Until states enacted literacy test and poll taxes in the 1890s.

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Q: Blacks in the south were not totally disfranchised or segregated until?
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What laws set up segregated facilities for whites and blacks in the south through the 1950's?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

What was the name given to the racist policy in south Africa that caused blacks and whites to be segregated?


What occurred as the number of public schools began to grow in the South?

.Blacks and whites were kept segregated.

What happened to the public school began to grow in the south?

They were mostly segregated.

What was segregated between white and blacks in the south in 1950's US?

Nova Net Right?if soracial segregation

In the south free blacks were?

In the South, free blacks faced discrimination, limited rights, and restrictions on their movements. They often lived in segregated communities and were subject to harsher laws than white individuals. Despite their free status, they still had to navigate a society that denied them full citizenship and equality.

What happened in the apartheid?

South Africa in the mid/late 20th century was reduced to a government-sponsored segregated state where blacks lost their civil rights.

What are obstacles to economic independence and political freedom that Blacks faced during and after Reconstruction in the South?

Black people still faced widespread discrimination by whites. Eventually the Jim Crow laws were passed which segregated blacks from many parts of society and kept most of them from voting.


Basically, apartheid in South Africa was the segregation of the majority indigenous blacks, from the minority ruling whites. An example is that many places were signed as either, 'Blacks only' or 'Whites Only'. Even the seating on public buses were strictly segregated.

Why did segregated water fountains start?

In 1877, Democratic parties regained their power of the south and ended reconstruction. Slavery was over but things suddenly got worse for blacks, as Southern States passed racially discriminatory laws which began the age of segregation of whites from blacks. Segregation was instituted for of public facilities making separate water fountains and restrooms for whites and blacks.

What was the first segregated city in the south?

Birmingham, Alabama

How many free blacks lived in the antebellum south during the 1850s?

in the 1860's there was 1253 blacks in the south