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Henry Clinton was the British Commander-in-Chief during the Battle of Monmouth, which was part of the American War of Independence. The battle took place on June 28, 1778.

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Q: British commander-in-chief in American Revolution at battle of monmouth?
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Who led the initial American attack at the battle of monmouth?

The battle of Monmouth was fought in 1778. It was also called as the American Revolutionary War. It was fought between the British army along with the German troops against the American Continental troops and the militia. There were about 10,000 soldiers in the British army against 11,000 American soldiers.

Who was the british monarche during the American Revolution?

who was the british monarch at the time of the american revolution

Who lost the American Revolution?

The British.

Who were the British leaders in the revolution?

King George III is the British leader during The American Revolution.

What battles was Lafayette in?

He fought the British in America, fighting the battles of Brandywine, Gloucester, Barren Hill, Monmouth and Newport, Rhode Island; and after a brief return to France, the battle of Green Spring and the battle and siege of Yorktown.

What was the reason for the battle of Monmouth?

The battle if Monmouth was because the French where invading on British land

Who was the british commander at monmouth?


Who sent British Troops during the American Revolution?

King George the 3rd was king, and he sent his British troops out to war in the American Revolution.

Why was the American Revolution a fallasy?

Compare the strenghts and weaknesses of the British and Americans entering the American Revolution

The American revolution ended when the british surrenered here?


Who was the british commander in chief at monmouth?

_________________ Clinton

What were the British called during the Revolution?

Americans called the British "Red Coats" or "Regulars" during the American Revolution.