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Human Rights Campaign

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Q: Bummer sticker with two gold bars with blue background?
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What is the European Emblem?

It is a 12 stars on the blue background.

Is there any company logo which has a blue background and an orange horse?


What are south side colors?

Their uniforms were gray. If needed...the Confederate flag had a red background with a blue X across it outlined in white. The uniforms of the Confederacy were gray. Their flag was red, white, and blue.

How were the colors chosen for the confederate flag?

Red, white & blue, same as the Union, although the arrangement was different. The Confederate Navy used a flag similar in geometric design to the Texas state flag or the Union (USA) flag, while the diagonal cross of the Confederate Army "Stars & Bars" bore a slight resemblance to the British "Union Jack," but in color it was the same as the British flag and the Union "Stars & Stripes." * The "Stars & Bars" was intended as a battle flag, but it was never flown by a CSS warship, although the Confederate Army also used the same flag as the Confederate Navy. Since the war, the "Stars & Bars" has been the unofficial flag of the US South. * If the question refers to uniform instead of flag colors, gray is the color of the Confederacy, although some CSA regiments wore blue early in the war, and some USA regiments wore gray. After the first major engagement (First Manassas in the South, First Bull Run in the North), uniform colors were standardized as blue for Union and gray for Confederacy, although Texan soldiers of the Confederacy wore butternut uniforms, a light brown color. Red white and blue.

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