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C. charge into confederate gunfire

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Q: Burnside lost the Battle of Fredericksburg by trying to?
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Even after it was obvious that the North had lost the battle Burnside continued to attack during the Battle at Fredericksburg?


Even after it was obvious that the North had lost the battle Burnside continued to attack during the Battle at Fredericksburg.?


Who was the general who lost at the Battle of Fredericksburg?

It was General Ambrose Everett Burnside (Union Army).

What caused Confederate general Robert E. Lee to make a stand at Fredericksburg?

Lee decided to make a stand and fight Burnside at Fredericksburg to keep Union forces from advancing on Richmond and to preserve a good part of Virginia from which he could draw supplies a recruit soldiers.

Why did the Union lost the Battle of Fredericksburg?

your grammar is wrong. its loose. Because they lost too many men and they practically surrendered to the Confederates.

What was the reason General burnside resigned?

Burnside was fired because he lost about 10,000 men at the battle of fredrickburg and had to have his officers talk him out of attacking again. These officers may have saved another 1,000 people.

What caused the battle of fredericksburg?

During the American Civil War, the Battle of Fredericksburg (Virginia) in December 1862 was caused by the offensive plan of the Union leadership (including President Lincoln and the top military commander in the Eastern Theater, Major General Ambrose Burnside) to launch a daring attack on the South's capital of Richmond. While the attack-plan may have been brilliant on paper, its execution was cumbersome as well as transparent to the sharp-eyed Southern force, led by General Robert E. Lee, which deployed successfully to stop it.

Who was Union Major General Ambrose Burnside?

Major General Ambrose Burnside made significant contributions to the Union's war efforts. Among other accomplishments, he led a successful amphibious landing on Roanoke Island early in the war. He joined with Major General George B. McClellan and fought as a corps commander at the Battle of Antietam. When McClellan lost his position, President Lincoln asked him three times to head the Army of the Potomac. On the third request, Burnside accepted. Unfortunately, Burnside made a major blunder at the 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg. He was relieved of his command with that army and was transferred to the Western Theater. He made major contributions there including keeping most of Tennessee in Union hands. He was also with General in Chief US Grant in the 1864 Overland campaign, however, he made a huge error trying to capture Petersburg. His tunnel underneath the Rebel fortifications backfired badly.

Was their a big battle in the Civil War?

There were many big battles in the Civil War, including: The Battle of Chancellorsville The Battle of Fredericksburg The Siege of Vicksburg But the most important battle of the Civil War was the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 - 3, 1863. The first battle that General Robert E. Lee lost.

What blunder did Union General Ambrose Burnside commit in the US Civil War?

Apart from taking part in a number of other battles, in the Civil War, Burnside is remembered most for leading the Army of Potomac. He replaced McClellan as the commander of this army and led them through the Battle of Fredericksburg. This battle was a loss for the Union. After loosing two important battles, Burnside Resigned and became the General of the Army Of Ohio.

How many men died in the battle of fredericksburg?

The Union lost 10,884 dead and wounded and 1,769 missing or prisoners. The Confederate losses were: 4,656 dead and wounded, 653 missing or prisoners.

What battles did Ambrose Burnside win?

lost crater, thats why he resigned