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All the above .

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Q: By 1968 the Vietnam war and president Johnson's decling political support?
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Is pastor Fred price church membership decling?

It appears so, but thst is pretty common when a church get a new pastor, but they generally tricklr back.

Why sales decline?

If a sale is decling then it means that the number of things what your selling are not very popular and are be declined (definition of declined:when something is not approved or put through by a master of the subject)

At what time in history did Americans have the highest savings rate?

Americans saved the most immediatley following the Great Depression. They rate of saving starting decling in the mid 50's.

What conference divided Germany and created the UN?

Adenaure's rapprochment with the West was marked by a famous meeting with De Gaulle in Paris 1963 - could not make up for damage to reputation in the decling years of his cheancellorship.

How many people have died in 2013 form car crashes?

Data has not been compiled for 2013 nor for all of 2012. In 2011 there were 32,367 motor vehicle deaths in the U.S. as motor vehicle deaths have been decling since 2005 you can expect 2013 to be around 32,000.

What is Rudimentary finance?

It refers to traditional economy where per capita output is very low and decling over a period of time. Here financial assets are absent, whereas no financial assets other than money. No one comes to invest because there is no other financial assets to invest.

Is it possible to only have one episode of Bell's palsy?

Yes , it is possible.However , you now know you may be susceptible for other herpes-type viral episodes , like Shingles . Bell's Palsy is now being treated with the big purple pill given for daily use by sufferers of genital herpes. With Bell's Palsy it is a combination of that pill and decling dose steroids for one week. If you are over 60, you may want to enquire of your doctor regarding Zostavax for shingles.

What did the confederate congress pass in April 1862 to deal with decling enlistments in the army?

On April 16,1862, to effectively cope with the enormous superiority in numbers the northern population could put at disposal of the Union armies, the Confederate Congress passed the first Law on Conscription ever voted in America. Several amendments were approved on September 27, 1862, followed by the presidential proclamation. Based upon these acts, all free males aged from 18 and 45 years were mobilized for the military service in the Confederate Army.

What were two major accomplishments of the ancient Greeks?

The Greeks developed two types of play writing: comedy and tragedy. The Greeks have also made many influential contributions in philosophy, music, mathematics, and science that created an impact on Western civilization, while at the same time simultaneously participating in the Peloponnessian wars and the Persian wars.

How do you solve the problems of industrial sector of Bangladesh?

It's through cottage and small scale industries that Bangladesh can survive and get sustenance for future growth, e.g. garment sector which has huge potential for export. By employing womenfolk maximum,this sector is now the nerve center of Bangladesh economy and bringing foreign exchange for the national exchequer. Here the Gramin banks has huge role to play by providing micro credit to co-operatives, clusters for overall development of rural economy. The traditional items like jute, tea has now a decling trend in export market.It's through innovations,application of modern technology, exploring new export markets that these sectors can be revitalized and play their due role in country's development.

Does Russia have the best health care?

While the answer to this question must be subjective, it is probably fair to say that Russia is not considered to offer the best health care in the world at this time. Post WW-2, the USSR did not experience the economic boom the US, UK and Europe enjoyed, and along with it the acceleration of non-strategic scientific research. Due to the chilly relations between East and West during this period, and the following Cold War period, there wasn't a lot of technology sharing, and especially in the crucial area of medical imagery (which includes the use of radioactive/radiological materials -- something the US and USSR would not trade in as definded under law). While attempts at improving the situation are underway, there appears to be a decling in overall Russian health since the fall of the Soviet Union, although purely Russian sources do not completely agree. Rand Corporatin's study indicates that the decline in the Russian economy is exacerbating the already poor health care situation in Russia at this time (see links). Under the circumstances, I think it's fair to say that, at this time, Russia is not the world leader in health care, although it isn't for lack of trying or intent.

What factors helps explain the volatility of investment?

1. Durability Because capital goods are so durable the purchase of new capital goods are discretionary and can be postponed. Optimisim about the future may promt firms to invest big into a new facility. While a leaa optimistic view may lead firms to invest small into reparing older facilities to keep in use. 2. Irregularity of Innovation Technological progress is a major determinant of investment. New products ond processes stimulate investment. But as history shows major innovations such as the computer or electricity are very irregular. When they do happen though there is an upsurge in investment spending that in time will recede. 3. Variability of profits When deciding whether or not to invest, a firm's expectations about potential profitability of the investment are influeced by the size of profits earned by other firms from similar investments. Inclining profits gives firms greater incentives and means to invest, while decling profits have an inverse effect. Sice actual profits are variable this adds doubly to the instabiltiy of investment. 4. Variability of expectations firms project current business conditions into the future, but their expectations can change when an event happens that could cause a possible change in future business conditions. for example exchange rates, international peace, and legislative actions can all change future business activities and invesments. The stock market has an influence on business expectations because firms are constantly looking to it as an indicator of society's overall confidence in future business conditions.