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no it will be in 3 branches, for civil mechanical and electrical

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Q: Can BE in CSE elligible for IES?
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Is in cse eligible for IES exam?

Yes any engineering branch student can apply for IES exam.

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CSE Games was created in 2004.

IES coaching centers in Delhi?

Primus IES coaching, west Delhi IES Academy , south delhi IES MADE EASY, south delhi all r good institutes for ies

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How to get online bits for ist year cse?

online bits for 1st B.Tech cse

What to join CSE or IT?

CSE and IT are almost same except for few areas. IT mainly deals with software part like developing programmes etc but CSE deals in both software and hardware.

Was there a cse exam in 1986 called child development?

yes probably as i did a child development cse in 1982

When was IES La Flota created?

IES La Flota was created in 1994.

When was IES Alfonso X created?

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Are diploma holder eligible for IES?

diploma holder can apply for ies enterence

Where cs student are eligible for ies or not?

Yes, CS students are eligible for IES.