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Yes, and it did (MD Air Nat'l Guard). It's a PDQ (Perm. DQ) for Air Force and Marines, I believe, it might be for ALL branches.

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Q: Can Ichthyosis disqualify you from enlisting in the military?
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Was enlisting in World War II mandatory for Canadians?


How much money does a soldier get paid a year?

It honestly depends. There is a base pay depending on your Rank and Time in service/Rank. But there are plenty of variations. to include dependant pay. If your married, or have children. and Military Housing Allowances. Where if you were to live off base the military would provide additional monies to pay for your housing. Your best suggestion would be if your thinking about enlisting in the military speak with the recruiter about a pay chart. Assuming you are enlisting for the first time as a E-1 pay is about 1200 a month last I remember. But this is your first rank which you automatically Upgrade within about 4 months as long as your squared away. Meaning no trouble or Physical Fitness Failures.

What is the age cut off for enlisting in the US Army?

You must be 18 and no older than 32.

What conditions did Congress establish for the southern states to rejoin the Union?

Under the Congressional plan, martial law was invoked and the South divided into five military districts. The states would have to rewrite their constitutions to disqualify former Confederate officials from office and guarantee black males the right to vote. Additionally, they had to ratify the 14th Amendment. The registration of voters was to be overseen by the military governors.

What was lord kitchener's programme called to avoid conscription?

Lord Kitchener's programme to avoid conscription in World War I was called the Kitchener Volunteer Scheme. This scheme aimed to recruit volunteers for the British Army, relying on patriotism and individuals willingly enlisting rather than being forced into military service through conscription.

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Does ColorBlindness disqualify you from the military?

No it just disqualify's you from certain career fields.

Can you join the military with a felony?

No, felonies disqualify one from military service.

Can you be married at time of enlisting in military?

That depends on your schedule.

Is a seventeen yr old enlisting in National Guard but not leaving for 3 months emancipated?

No enlisting in the military at 17 does not make emancipated.

Will being fired for theft in your civilian job prevent you from re enlisting in the Navy?

Yes, being fired for theft will likely negatively impact your chances of re-enlisting in the Navy. The Navy, like other branches of the military, places a high value on integrity and trustworthiness. Any criminal or unethical behavior can disqualify individuals from re-enlisting or even enlisting in the first place. However, the final decision will depend on the specific circumstances and the discretion of the Navy authorities.

Does a felony disqualify you to draw your military disability check?

It should.

Which is not a current use of computers in the military?

Studying for standardized exam for enlisting

Will having heart surgery disqualify you from getting into the military i have had heart surgery but it doesn't affect my physical abilities i have a heart rate between 35-40 bpm?

Having heart surgery can disqualify you from getting into the military.

What does it mean to Grant a military rank?

Some options are promotion, commissioning, or enlisting.

Will failing a drug test permanently disqualify you for military service?

yes, and you will go to jail!

Can you be in infantry with sicle cell in the army?

Sickle Cell Anemia will disqualify you from military service, unfortunately.

When was ichthyosis discovered?