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Yes, but there wouldnt be realy much of a point the carrier cant get out of the baltic sea via any other rout, only port visit.

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Q: Can a US aircraft carrier get to baltic sea?
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What is the last to be sunk?

The aircraft carrier USS Bismarck Sea was the last US aircraft carrier sunk in WWII (during the battle for Iwo Jima).

What part of the US Navy began to become more important to winning the war in the Battle of the Coral Sea?

Aircraft Carriers. The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first ever Aircraft Carrier vs Aircraft Carrier battle ever. But remember, the US Navy did not win. The US actually lost a carrier, along with Japan also losing one. But the US came more confident in using them, and learned Aircraft Carriers would be the main strategic importance in the Pacific Theatre.

When was the last aircraft carrier sunk in battle?

1. Histories first clash of carriers was the battle of the Coral Sea 2. Histories most decisive carrier clash was the battle of Midway 3. Last battle involving carrier fleets was battle of Leyte Gulf 4. Last USN aircraft carrier sunk in WWII was USS Bismarck Sea 5. Last naval battle involving an aircraft carrier was during the Falklands Island war in 1982

Why did the Navy SEALs bury Bin Laden?

They did not. They took the body to a aircraft carrier and the US Navy was ordered to bury it at sea.

What does CVA mean on a US Navy ship?

The CV indicates an Aircraft Carrier. The A at the end indicates it is designed for Attack use. The US Navy does not currently have any CVAs.

What is the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid?

The U.S.S. Intrepid. Part of the US Navy.

What is the newest US aircraft carrier?

George H.W. Bush is the nation's 10th, and final, Nimitz-class carrier.

What jets land on a aircraft carrier?

Ones with tail hooks so they can stop. The biggest plane to ever land on a US aircraft carrier was a C-130, which the Navy was considering for Carrier Onboard Delivery service.

Who invented the aircraft carrier?

The aircraft carrier was preceded by the balloon barges of the US Civil War, and the first aircraft carriers were seaplane tenders that did not launch or recover planes aboard the ship. This included the French "Foudre" in 1911. The HMS Ark Royal (1914) was a seaplane carrier that experimented with shipboard launches and recovery. The first US carrier was a converted coal ship, the Jupiter, which became USS Langley in 1920. The first aircraft carrier designed with a flight deck was the Japanese carrier "Hosho" (1922), followed by the commissioning of the British carrier HMS Hermes in 1924.

How many aircraft carrier the US have?

11 active and 9 reserve.

What was the first US aircraft carrier?

USS Langley designated CV-1

What was a V6 in 1944 US Navy?

CV6 was the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.