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No, you have to be in the Navy to be a SEAL. The army has its own special operatives, however. Delta Force is the absolute best the army has to offer. Many consider them to be superior to the SEAL operators.

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Q: Can army transfer to SEAL training?
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How long is seal training?

SEAL training lasts about 55 weeks

Is Navy seal or Army ranger training tougher?

army ranger of course .. how long can you hold on to a boring job.?? its much harder to train someone for a boring job also..

How long is navy SEAL training?

Navy Seal training lasts about nine months.

Who receives more training the british sbs or US Navy seals?

I think your question is incomplete. But if you are comparing a person who has only been to army basic training and a trained navy SEAL. The answer is obvious. If you want to open the box of worms ask who is better trained a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger or Special Forces.

What is the foundation of the US Army's training process?

The Army Training CycleThe Army Training Management Cycle

What is army training perform to?

army training is performed to

What does BUD'S mean in the Navy?

BUD/S is the Navy acronym for Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training. BUDS, is the first training step for SEAL recruits; though recruits can pass BUDS training, it doesn't mean they'll go on to become SEAL's, as SEAL training follows BUDS.

What class did Chance Nyman graduate from seal training?

He was never a SEAL.

How many navy seal teams in 1965?

There were 2: Seal 1 at Coronado and Seal 2 at Little Creek. At the time Seal Teams and Army Special Forces Teams shared a lot of specialized training back and forth. Austrailian SAS also worked and served with US Seal and SF teams, and US teams adopted a lot from the SAS model.

What are the theories related with transfer of training?

Some theories related to transfer of training include identical elements theory, near transfer theory, far transfer theory, and cognitive theory of transfer. These theories explore how training in one context can impact performance in another context, and how similarities or differences between the training and transfer contexts can affect the transfer of learning.

What is the army seal?

See the link.

What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

NONE! They are the best of the best!