Can cadets be sent to war?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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This is a common misconception. the Army Cadet Force is a voluntary youth organisation, at no time will you be 'called to war'.

There is also no obligation to join the Army after you leave the cadets, the Army Cadet Force is NOT a recruiting tool for the British Army.

actually it is a recruiting tool because a certain percentage come from the cadets.

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Not usually, but you need to check the laws of the country in which you reside.

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Q: Can cadets be sent to war?
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Girl Scouts in the US in grades 6 to 8 are called Girl Scout Cadettes. There are other types of Cadets, such as an Air Force Academy Cadet, and yes, girls may be that kind of cadet also. Yes, Girls can be in cadets, for instance: Air Cadets, Army Cadets, Marine Cadets, Sea/Navy Cadets or cadets which are non-military such as Girl Scouts etc.

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Yes. The more experienced cadets all help the newest cadets.

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No... Cadets is no alternative to your education.