Can world war happen again

Updated: 8/19/2023
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that is to ask if there will be a third world, and since this has not happened yet we can only guess, but I suppose since it has happened before it is likely to happen again

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no, because it already did.

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maybe if one country wants a war

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Q: Can world war happen again
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Was the hollicost a turing point in World War 2?


How does the study of world war 2 help us to ensure it doesn't happen again?

Because it makes people see how devistating it was so that they wont want to start it another war.they would know what started the war and the critics of the war which will help them not to do it again as the result would be devastating.seeing the war the uno was formed so that it dosen't happen again

What war happen in 1941?

World War 2

Are we going to have world war 3?

Yes but this is also scary. If this third World war will happen, no one will survive so I hope that it will never happen. "No one" as in maybe about %99.9 of the population so if this war does happen, which seems possible given all the hostiities in the world currently, we can only prey that man still lives post-apocolyptic and still carries the drive and strength to, unfortunately (or if not VERY fortunately) start again.

What if World War 2 and World War 1 had not happen?

cheese wolud rule the world

Did World War 2 happen before the cold war?

Yes, the Cold War was after World War 2

Could the Mexican American War happen again?

Quite unlikely.

Did this happen in World War 1 or World War 2 ended with Germany defeat in 1945?

World War 2

When did the world war happen?

The have been two world wars World War I - 1914 to 1918 World War II - 1939 to 1945

When will there be world war 3?

Their is no sign of a world war, even if there is one it will be nuclear. At the moment people have treaties and those who don't, don't have nuclear weapons. It depends on political stability.

Will the world ever be the same again after World War 2?


When and where did world war happen?

Austria 1939