Can you buy an mg42

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'm not an expert on any of these laws but after doing extensive "Google" work trying to find the answer to this question I have found that although difficult to find, yes you can legally purchase an MG42.

The difficulty of finding one of these magnificent weapons also multiplies depending on what aspect of the firemarm you are going for. If you just think its a cool gun, and want to put a few rounds down range, then it shouldn't bee too difficult to locate a seller of a replica weapon. Finding a fully automatic version will again be much more difficult requiring various permits and understanding of your local laws. However, the hardest of all purchases is for the WWII buff who is purchasing the weapon for its historical meaning. Not only are there VERY few original MG42s in private ownership, but finding an owner who would sell his prized piece could be just about impossible.

In conclusion, while this firearm is certainly not the easiest to obtain, it can be done, and in my opinion (as im sure many others feel as well) well worth the effort and cost.

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Q: Can you buy an mg42
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How heavy is the mg42?

The MG42 Machine Gun weighed 11.57 kg (25.51 lb).

Is the MG42 better than a shotgun?

Yes because the MG42 can kill much more faster than a shotgun. The MG42 can also reload really quickly and kill more zombies than a shotgun. If some anti-zombies were you they will take the MG42 instead of the shotgun because the shotgun is the weakest weapon than the MG42. Shotguns can kill a couple of zombies per minute but the MG42 can kill over 1,000 zombies per minute and can really beat the shotgun. The MG42 is way much more better than the shotgun so the answer is yes.

What country had the mg42?

Germany .

How do you get MG42 in nazi zombies every time?

There is no sure-fire way to get the MG42, but your best shot is with the mystery box.

Who invented the mg42?

Ernst Grunow .

Is the MG42 used today?

Yes it is. Few countries still use the MG42 Machine gun. These countries includes; Germany, Italy and Pakistan.

How many soldiers did MG42 gunners either kill or injure on D-Day?

No way to answer that. The MG42 fired the same cartridge as the MG34 and the Mauser K98 rifle.

What gun changed the world war 2?


What year was the MG42 machine gun invented?

1924 /

What does the mg stand for in the mg42?

It stands for Maschinengewehr 42.

How did the gun mg42 help in the world war 2?

The MG42 - when used in an entrenched position - was wickedly effective at mowing down incoming waves of enemy troops and allowed Nazi Germany to inflict massive casualties from 1942 (when the MG42 was invented) until the end of the war. Note: The MG42 did not see it's "closing curtain" at the end of WW2 - it was utilized by the Portuguese Military well into the 1960's.

How much is a German mg42 and a geman stg44?

I don't the value of either. But if you are planning to buy one from over seas you should know something. I've heard stories of people sending mg42's through customs and customs destroying them. They either cut them up or weld them shut. Just thought you should know. It sucks.