Can you dive bomb

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes you can dive bomb. i will use an example. I'm using the us dauntless dive bombers as an example because i know about them the best. 1st you would start at a normal cruising altitude and open your bomb bay (the bomb bay is where the bomb is stored). then you would put the nose of your bomber down and start your dive. you will accelerate very fast but make sure you are diving 70*.open your dive flaps (dive flaps slow you down in a dive) drop your bomb and pull up! after you use your bomb you can also "dive strafe" a target. this is when you nose down sight the target and just fire at it.


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Q: Can you dive bomb
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How do you find out when to drop a bomb Like when you're in the air and you have to calculate windpeed planespeed and all that?

The answer of this question varies depending on what type of airplane and when it was built. Most large bombers used a bombsight that used a sight glass that had mechanical adjustments. Some had a mechanical calculator that adjusted for drift and other factors. The Norden bombsight was the most famous mechanical sight used by the large American bombers.Small fighter-bombers had not real bombsight. The pilot flew by the seat of this pants and dropped the bomb when he felt it was right.The famous German Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber was one of many airplanes that was designed to dive vertically and drop a bomb. These dive bombers had speed brakes that allowed them to dive almost vertically without going too fast. This allowed them to drop down on top of a target and there was no need to adjust for the flight of the bomb. I think the side window had a scale drawn on it depicting angles and allowed the pilot to quickly see his dive angle.

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