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there is a rule against it. Most enemy countries do not follow the accords and agreement the allies make.


The above answerer obviously did not do his research.

You can fire at paratroopers while they are descending by parachutes from an aircraft, even if that aircraft is in disabled. If you don't shoot them while they are in the air, they're going to shoot you after landing on the ground and proceed on with their missions of crippling your war effort. Paratroopers are offically combatants, coming down in parachutes from an aircraft, and have the ability to wage war once they land on the ground, therefore, you have every right to shoot them while they are still in the air.

The "honor code" of not firing at parachutists are only applied to airman, not infantry troops. After a pilot takes down an enemy aircraft, the "honor code" is not fire at an enemy airman who bails out and open up his parachute. The airman's only mission to is conduct warfare while in his combat aircraft (the airman's only weapon). However, after the airman bailed out in his aircraft, he had left his only weapon of choice (aircraft) and have no means of conducting warfare. Therefore, he is officially a non-combatant and, therefore, not to be attacked during his descent.

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Q: Can you shoot paratroopers before they Land?
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