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When refering to an army as a body of soldiers, the term 'army' is not capitalized. But when using the term as a reference to the U. S. Army, it is a proper noun and becomes capitalized. It is the same with the abbreviated names of the other military services. The terms (i.e., navy, Navy, air force, Air Force, etc.) can be used either as common nouns to refer to organizations of particular types of war fighters or as references to the name of specific military services of the United States.

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Q: Capitalize branches of military service
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Where can I learn how military recruitment works?

You can contact the local recruitment branch of the service you are interested in. All major military branches recruit.

Do you capitalize military in American military?

No, but you should capitalize American. If the specific branch of the military is named, it should be capitalized.

What type of support agreement is developed when two or more branches of the military are involved?


Do you capitalize Service if someone says I am in the Service?


What six branches of military service is the president commander in chief of?

Well, I must say that I only know of five branches of the U.S. military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard), but the President is commander-in-chief of all of them. If you include the National Guard as a branch of the military, then the President becomes commander-in-chief of them when they are called into federal service.

What is the difference between the army and the milittary?

You have it wrong, the Army is one of the five branches of the military, along with the Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard (in the US). The military is the whole of all service branches (not just the US, but any country).

What are the regulations regarding flying the American flag and flags for branches of our military service?

There are no regulations that are put on flags of the US regarding this.

What are the military branches of lazio?

I don't know. do u know the military branches of lazio?

Are dog tags given to army National Guard?

All service members are issued them, in all branches and components of the US military.

What are the names of the 5 military service branches?

Army, Navy, AF, Marines, Coast Guard.

What are the branches of military service in the US?

The US Military forces consists of: The US Marine Corps The US Army The US Navy The US Air Force, and The US Coast Guard

Is m14 rifle marines weapon?

The M14 rifle continues to see service in all branches of the military, as well as several foreign militaries. It is not, however, the standard service rifle of any.