Celer et Audax

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I was in the royal green jackets. A crack light infantry british army regiment and it means. SWIFT AND BOLD

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Q: Celer et Audax
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What does celer et audax mean on a 1798 medal?

CELER ET AUDAX means Swift And Bold. Its a Latin Phrase adopted by an Elite Infantry British Military Unit, 'The Rifles' (Formally The Royal Green Jackets)

What is the motto of Royal Canadian Dragoons?

The motto of Royal Canadian Dragoons is 'Audax et Celer'.

What is Estcourt High School's motto?

Estcourt High School's motto is 'Celer et Audax'.

Can anyone identify a unit crest with a green field silver knight's arm holding an axe with the motto AUDAX ET CELER?

That is the 41st armored tank battalion which, I think, was part of the 11th armored division. Audax et celer is Latin for bold and quick. Michael Montagne

What is the motto of King's Royal Rifle Corps?

King's Royal Rifle Corps's motto is 'Celer et Audax .'.

What does celer et fidelis mean?

Swift and trustworthy

What is the motto of The Perth Regiment?

The Perth Regiment's motto is 'Audax et cautus'.

What is Senator O'Connor College School's motto?

The motto of Senator O'Connor College School is 'Audax et Fidelis'.

What is the motto of St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School?

St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School's motto is 'Cura Et Audax Virtute'.

What is 'Who and what and where and when and why' when translated from English to French?

"Who and what and where and when and why" translates to "Qui et quoi et oΓΉ et quand et pourquoi" in French.

What is Latin for and others?

and others - et alia

Is there a period after et in et al?

No, there is not a period after et, rather, the period is after al. Et al. is Latin for et alli, meaning "and other people."