Civil war leaders

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Confederate president was Jefferson Davis, a responsible and humane slave-owner with a good record as a colonel in the Mexican war, who looked the part, but soon showed that he wasn't up to it.

Davis's cabinet contained some good players, but he was never able to turn them into a team, and their names mean little today. Stephen Mallory was given the task of building a navy on next-to-nil manufacturing capacity, in which he did better than expected. The lawyer Judah Benjamin had many talents but the others found him too smart and smooth. Many of the leading secessionists were not selected for the cabinet.

Top Generals at the beginning were Sidney Johnston, killed early on, and Joseph E. Johnston (no relation). Robert E. Lee was not engaged in any major operations in the first year, but led a dazzling campaign in Summer '62, greatly helped by Stonewall Jackson. Much time was wasted by keeping Davis's old crony Braxton Bragg in command in the West, which caused even more feuds than usual among Confederate generals.

Many rate Bedford Forrest as the best general in the South, but Davis never promoted him, on account of his lowly birth and unconventional training - the biggest mistake Davis ever made, according to his own admission.

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General Robert E Lee;Abraham Lincon Oliver Cromwell; Prince Rupert of the Rhine... Oh, that civil war.... ! Stonewall Jackson; Jeb Stuart; Sherman; Grant; Beauregard; Burnside.....

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Q: Civil war leaders
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