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The Navajo and 11 Hopi soldiers used the the easiest of the Navajo language, to help America defeat the Japanese.

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Q: Code talkers usedthis language during world war 2?
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What were Code talkers experiences during the war?

The Code Talkers were the heroes of World War II. Their task was not easy - they had to create a code using words from their language for communications during the war. The ideas that were needed to be expressed didn't have words in their language and they were not allowed to write any of this down or even talk about it among themselves let along anyone else.

How were code talkers treated during and after World War 2?


How did Navojo Soldiers help the allies during World War 2?

The Navajo "Code Talkers" spoke in their native language and could not be understood by any enemy that were listening to their conversations .

What was the movie with the Navajo code during World War 2?

Windtalkers, alternately written as a noun clause- Wind Talkers- referred to verbal (indian language) code operators.

What effect did world war 2 have on code talkers?

A lot of code talkers were killed off because when the Japanese saw them in the planes, they would kill the code talkers right away because the code talkers were the main source of communication.

Where were the Navajoes stationed during World War 2?

There were many Navajoes stationed in the Pacific as communications radio men speaking their native language as code. They became known as "wind talkers".

How many code talkers were trained during World War 2?


What did Navajo solders during World War 2 work as?

They were the "Wind Talkers". They worked in communications in the Pacific. Because they used their native language, the Japanese could not break their code as they did with our other codes.

Who did the us military get to speak in code that was unbreakablen?

Native American code talkers... the Navajo code talkers recruited by the Marines during the Second World War are the most famous of them, although the Army did recruit some Cherokee, Choctaw, and and Comanche code talkers. Additionally, the Marines hired some native Basque speakers for the same purpose. The "code" they spoke was actually their native language.

Do code talkers still translate codes during the war?

No only world war 2

What are Navajo codes?

The Navajo Code Talkers were people who used a spoken code in the Navajo language to communicate between US units on the battlefield in the Pacific Theater of War during World War 2.

What were Navajo speakers who transmitted secret tactical messages during world War 2 called?

They were called "wind talkers" or simply code talkers. They took advantage of the fact that Navajo was a spoken language that practically no one outside the tribe was fluent in. Messages sent in Navajo or other language codes presented another level of difficulty to anyone trying to break the code.