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Organized protests are extremely difficult in a police state.

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Q: Could Germans have protested effectively about Kristallnacht?
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What effect did kristallnacht have on the struggle of the Germans?

The Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht in German) was a massive pogrom the length and breadth of Germany (which at that time included Austria and parts of the Czech Republic).Those Jews who could do so left Germany.See also this question:What_is_Kristallnacht_and_why_is_it_a_significant_event

How are kristallnacht and the holocaust related?

Kristalnacht was a warning of what the Germans were capable of. Though one cannot say that Kristalnacht was a direct indication of what was to come; it was the response to Kristalnacht that was the real indicator, as the lack of complaint/outrage let the Germans think that they could do whatever they wanted and the world would stand by and let them.

What was the purpose behind Kristallnacht?

Kristallnacht had many purposes. Among them are the following: 1) Engaging Germans in Anti-Semitism: Although Hitler was popular and his reforms pleased many Germans, there was still substantial resistance to the notion that Jews should be treated drastically worse than everybody else. Kristallnacht created a way for those who were "on-the-fence" to join in with the Anti-Semitic Acts and feel like they were a part of something larger. 2) Setting the Tone: Hitler carefully calculated how much Anti-Semitism he could bring about at any one time so that his population would not be alienated by a rapid shift in policy. Kristallnacht set a new tone which showed that Jews could no longer truly be safe in the Nazi State, even if they were denied all of their rights. This laid the groundwork for the re-ghetto-ization of the Jewish communities and eventual exterminations of those communities. 3) Promulgating Fear: Outside of the Nazi Leadership, nobody expected Kristallnacht and its outburst made many Jews fearful of what could happen to them in the future. The not-knowing made it especially painful. 4) Lower Human Emotions: Greed, Power, Zealotry and other highly charged emotions also formed rationales for the actions on Kristallnacht.

Why did German mobs destroy what they could have the Jews on Kristallnacht?

That was the starting point in putting into effect the Final Solution.

Why was the ME 262 invented?

The Me.262 was invented by the Germans in World War 2. It was a jet-powered aircraft that could fly faster than Allied fighters and effectively attack US and British bombers.

How could you use protest in a sentence?

Rosa Parks protested against segregation .

Germans believed that the ordeal could what?

The Germans believed that the ordeal could decide if a person was innocent or guilty.

Could you tell me a sentence with the word protest?

the students protested agaisnt the surprise quiz given after the lesson was taught.

What could the parliament not do?

Parliament could not effectively tax and control the colonies.

When state governments passed Granger laws?

railroads protested that only the federal government, not states, could regulate railroads

How did immigrant girls get work in the US?

They protested until they where allowed to prove that girls could work just as hard as men.

In 1786 farmers in Massachusetts who could not pay taxes protested by taking part in this act?

Shay's Rebellion.