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Yes. Depending on the specific birthdate. The Paris Peace accords were signed in 73. Making someone born 1/1/55 18 years old. With the final pullout of American soldiers 4/30/75.

The pullout of all US troops was supposed to be completed, with the exception of a few "advisors", by March 28, 1973. It is unlikely that many of these advisors would have been raw recruits. Someone who joined at 17 with parental consent could have been in Vietnam fairly early in 1972.

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The last U.S. troops left Vietnam in April, 1973. The person would be 16 or just turned 17. That would leave no time for basic or advanced training before arriving in Vietnam.

A U.S. Marine Embassy guard could have been on duty in Saigon up until the spring of 1975 when the Embassy was abandoned. That, too, would be highly unlikely unless the person was born in January-March of 1956 and somehow joined the service as a 17-year-old.

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Certainly, if he was a US Marine, Sailor, or Airman during the evacuation phase in 1975. Or special ops in '74, etc.

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Q: Could someone born in 1956 have served in Vietnam?
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