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The prisoner's are shipped by packed cattle car to the concentration camp, separated men from women, guards hold guns to them at every turn

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Q: Describe the prisoners' indoctrination into concentration camp life?
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Why was the Nazis involved in the concentration camp buchenwald?

The Nazis were involved in the concentration camp Buchenwald because it was a camp for political prisoners.

Were there good concentration camps for Jewish prisoners?

No, there was no such thing as a "good" concentration camp!

Why was Auschwitz the only concentration camp that tattooed its prisoners?

Because Auschwitz was the toughest concentration camp in the world at that moment.

What do you call a camp for political prisoners?

Camps for political prisoners have been called a detention center, a concentration camp, prisoner of war camp, labor camp, or gulag.

Did the Flossenbürg concentration camp prisoners get a tattoo?

Yes, prisoners at the Flossenbürg concentration camp were tattooed. In many concentration camps, including Flossenbürg, prisoners were marked with a series of numbers as a means of identification. These tattoos were typically placed on the prisoner's forearm.

How were the prisoners marked in the concentration camp?

The Jews during this point in time at every concentration camp were marked by numbers tattooed on there forearms

What are inmates in World War 2?

Please clarify: Civil inmates? Prisoners of War? Concentration Camp Prisoners?

What was koldichevo?

A WWII concentration camp holding Jews and polish prisoners of war.

What type of people where in the amersfoort camp?

Amersfoort was a Nazi concentration camp. Between 1941 and 1945 there were over 35,000 prisoners that were kept in the camp.

What concentration camp held only women prisoners?

Ravensbrück was an all-female camp and had some of the very worst female camp guards.

How many people died in the Gleiwitz concentration camp?

During the holocaust, Gleiwitz concentration camp in Gliwice, Poland, was operational between March of 1944 and January of 1945. During this time the camp held around 1,300 prisoners. It is thought that many, if not all, of these prisoners died.

What was the size of the beds that the concentration camp prisoners slept in?

They slept in beds . They slept in beds .