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I think that Hitler did not start the aryan race it was the person above him who supposely had a sign showing that Hitler was the perfect fit to lead the race

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Adolf Hitler didn't 'start' the Supreme Race, he crystallised and strongly promoted ideas that had been around for some years.

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Q: Did Adolf Hitler start the Aryan race?
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What did Adolf Hitler call his super race?

The Aryan race.

Who was the author of the aryan race?

Adolf Hitler

Who was The German master race that Hitler insisted was destined to rule inferior?

Adolf Hitler.

What was Adolf Hitler wanting with an Aryan Race?

he thought that was the ideal race and it was perfect

Did Benito Mussolini stress the superiority of the aryan race?

no that was Adolf Hitler

What was Adolf Hitler's political movement and belief?

Adolf Hitler headed the Nazi party, and dreamed of a perfect Aryan race.

What ww2 leader were Mein Kampf and Aryan Race associated with?

Mein Kampf and the concept of the Aryan Race were associated with Adolf Hitler, who was the leader of Germany during World War II. Hitler's beliefs as outlined in Mein Kampf formed the basis for Nazi ideology, which promoted the superiority of the Aryan race.

What did Adolf Hitler feel that the German people were members of?

He felt that they were all membes of a superior race, the Aryan race.

What was the name for Adolf Hitler's master race of people with blond hair and blue eyes?


Who was the protagonist in the holocaust?

The protagonist in the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler. He was the leader of the Natsi Germans that believed in the Aryan race.

Aryans And Hitler?

Hitler idealised the Aryan race and believed that the Aryan race was the perfect race.

Who were worthy that Adolf Hitler wanted to live in German empire?

Only German people, those part of the Aryan race.