Did Hitler wife posien herself

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think Hitler wife did kill herself because she whant to be with her stupied bloddey wife

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Q: Did Hitler wife posien herself
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What did Hitler make his wife take to kill herself?


How did Hitler and his wife die?

Some people say that Hitler shot himself in the mouth and his poisoned herself

What did Hitler do after he got married?

Killed himself then forced his wife to kill herself to

Did Hitler's wife kill herself?

Yes, she committed suicide with Hitler on 30 April 1945, by drinking a cyanide pill.

What did Hitler's wife kill herself for?

She wanted to commit suicide with Hitler, the reason for that will probably never be known exactly, maybe she loved him.

Did Adolf Hitler poison his girlfriend?

Umm well after Hitler and his wife got Hitler just found out that Britain won the war, so he wanted him and his wife (Eva Braun) to kill themselfs.Eva poison HERSELF and Hitler shot himself square in the head.

How did adolf Hitler's wife die?

Suicide by cyanide.She killed herself, with Hitler, by drinking a cyanide poisone pill.she took a pill,which is suicide

Are catfish whiskers posien?

yes but it feels like a shock

Why did Hitler make his wife to commit suicide as well along with him?

He did not force his wife to kill herself. He had even told her she could leave the bunker. She insisted on staying with him and she chose to kill herself. Her life would have been intolerable having been his mistress and then his wife of two days if she had lived.

Who killed Adolf Hitler's wife?

Nobody killed Eva Braun-Hitler, she decided to end her own life when the allies began advancing on the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin.

Did Adolf Hitler kill his wife no his wife killed her self using poison then they got cremated so no one found there bodys and less evidence but every buddy already new it happend.?


What was the names of Hitler's wifes?

Hitler only had one wife, namely Eva Braun.