Did Japan bomb China

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, Japan bombed Shanghai particularly. However, China also bombed the Japanese Navy and ground troops.

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Q: Did Japan bomb China
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Why did china nuclear bomb japan?

They didn't.

Did japan ever want to throw a atomic bomb in china?


Does china have better weapons than US?

Untied states will bomb China like they did Japan. I puote

Why did president Truman drop the atom bomb on china?

These bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and not in China.

What was the bomb called that was dropped on china by the Americans?

Americans didnt drop a bomb on china America dropped 2 bombs on japan one called little boy and the other fat man

How did previous years at war influence the decision to bomb the Japanese?

Answer:so china could get japan back for what they've done to china and their cities.

Where did the us bomb?

The US dropped bombs in Africa, Europe, Japan, Pacific Islands, SW Asia and China.

When was China Bomb created?

China Bomb was created in 1967.

Why did the Japanese military set off a bomb in the Chinese territory it controlled?

To give Japan an excuse to seize Manchuria from China

Why did US bomb china after pearl harbor?

They thought China helped bomb them.

Why did China bomb Shanghai?

To bomb them into submission. So they could no longer resist the ground forces.

What were president Truman choices regarding ending the war with Japan?

bomb Japan or invade it