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Maryland was a Union State

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Q: Did Maryland belong to the north or south during the Civil War?
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What was considered neutral territory for the north and south during the civil war?

Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri

Were there any battles in the north during the civil war?

Only Antietam (Maryland) and Gettysburg (Pennsylvania).

Was there slavery in the north?

During the Civil War, Maryland, Delaware, and Kentucky were slave states but remained with the Union.

Was Maryland part of the north or south during Civil War?

Maryland remained within the Union (the North) throughout the Civil War. However, many residents of Maryland sympathised with the Confederacy (the South) and a substantial Union military presence was maintained in the state to ensure that it stayed in the Union.

What were the border states for north and south during the civil war?

Delaware Kentucky Maryland Missouri and west Virginia

What was the capital of the north in the Civil War?

Washington D.C, Maryland

What was the education like in the north during the civil war?

The education during the civil war in the north was education.

How many people were in the north during the civil war?

There were 20 million in the north during the civil war

What was the North's greatest strength during the Civil War?

The North's greatest strength or resource during the Civil War was its industry.

What were the three border states during the US Civil War?

The three border states during the US Civil War were Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland. The were slave states but did not join the Confederacy. Delaware also had slaves and was not "on the border" between the North and the South

What border states supported the north in the civil war?

Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware

Did the north secede during the Civil War?

No- the South seceeded from the North, which was a cause of the Civil War

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