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I am not an expert on this but to my knowledge the Holocaust did not include the deliberate extermination of any Muslims.

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Q: Did Muslims die in the Holocaust?
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What do Muslims believe about the Holocaust?

Holocaust denial is popular among many in the Middle East.

Were Muslims killed during the holocaust?

No, Muslims were not a target. In any case, at the time there were very few Muslims in Europe.

What did the Muslims have to do with the Holocaust?

Nothing in particular, except that some Muslims believe that the Holocaust is in some sense misused to gain support for Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Why did Nazis target Muslims during the Holocaust?

The Nazis did not target Muslims. That is one of those myths.

Why do Muslims deny the Holocaust?

Many Muslim countries do not recognize Israel.Some Arabs and some other Muslims believe that the Holocaust is misused to enhance the legitimacy of Israel.Many go a stage further and find it convenient to deny the Holocaust altogether.

Who are the Holocaust survivors?

people who lived through the Holocaust and did not die

Did Joseph Stalin die during the Holocaust?

No, Joseph Stalin did not die in the Holocaust. Stalin died in 1953 from a stroke, when the Holocaust had been over for 8 years.

Why did the holocaust die in the holocaust?

That's a lie, I just did a research paper on it. 6 million people died in the Holocaust.

Did all the children in the holocaust die?


Did Hitler die during the Holocaust or after?

He died after the holocaust in his Berlin bunker on 30 April 1945 .===========Which was of course during the Holocaust

Did Paolo Sadun die in the Holocaust?

Paolo did die in the holocaust in a concentration camp in Germany called Ravens Brubeck in December 30, 1944

What happens to people in a nuclear holocaust?

they die

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