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Most of them do, but many in the Arab world use it as a stick to beat the state of Israel with as regards their treatment of the Palestinians, having undergone such abuse (albeit on a grander scale) themselves. Of course, some (especially in high places) do not believe that the Holocaust took place, but so do many neo-Nazi Christians and Pagans.

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The Nazi Holocaust was designed primarily to target Jews, Gypsies, Political Opponents, Homosexuals, and the Physically and Mentally Handicapped. Whenever Muslims have fit into one of those five categories (usually Gypsy, Political Opponent, or Handicapped Individuals) in Occupied Europe, they were victims of the Holocaust. According to Mohammed Salim Abdullah, a prominent figure at Islamic Archives Foundation of Germany, 200,000 Gypsies from the Balkan were killed in the Auschwitz Camp of whom a minority were Muslims. Many Arab immigrants from North Africa who lived in Germany were killed too, but these numbers are even smaller. Please see the Related Link for more details.

However, Muslims themselves, were not a target. Hitler actually cooperated with many key Muslim leaders and assisted them in finding "solutions" to their "Jewish problems" in the Middle East. Additionally, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, assisted Hitler by helping to form Bosnian Muslim SS Divisions as well as bring scores of Muslims into the Nazi Party operating the in the Balkans. In particular, the Handschar Divisions in Bosnia and Croatia had several thousand Muslim volunteers.

During the WW2, almost all Muslim countries were occupied by the Allies. Muslims in these countries fought side be cside by the Allies against the Nazis on a promise that their countries will gain independence after war ending.

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I am not an expert on this but to my knowledge the holocaust did not include the deliberate extermination of any Muslims.

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Holocaust denial is popular among many in the Middle East.

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No, Muslims were not a target. In any case, at the time there were very few Muslims in Europe.

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Q: Did Muslims die in the Holocaust?
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What did the Muslims have to do with the Holocaust?

Nothing in particular, except that some Muslims believe that the Holocaust is in some sense misused to gain support for Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Why did Nazis target Muslims during the Holocaust?

The Nazis did not target Muslims. That is one of those myths.

Why do Muslims deny the Holocaust?

Many Muslim countries do not recognize Israel.Some Arabs and some other Muslims believe that the Holocaust is misused to enhance the legitimacy of Israel.Many go a stage further and find it convenient to deny the Holocaust altogether.

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