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No, Dog fights were all most always only on the western front, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, The Ottoman Empire, and Greece did not have large amounts of airplane's, the ones they did have were uses for recognisance

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Q: Did all countries involved in world war 1 dog fight?
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Why was it called World War 1 if not all countries were involved?

World War I was also called 'The Great War'. It was given that name because it involved all of the world's great powers or most influential and important countries.

What was thenumber of generals in world war 2?

10,000 for all the countries involved

How many countries will be participating in the cricket world cup 2015?

Fourteen countries participated in 2015 world cup.They all fight to win the title.

Which countries were combatants in world war 2?

Nearly all the major nations were involved in World War 2.

What were all the countries that fought in World War 2?

There were many countries involved in this world wide chaos. But the main ones were: France, England, U.S, and of course Germany

What isWorld War 1?

world war 1 is the first world war. Nearly all countries were involved in the fighting. The Major countries were Germany France and Brittan

Which countries were all involved in World War 1 and 2?

There were over 100 in WW1 and 57 in WW2

Why was World War 2 classified as a 'world war'?

none of the world wars were litterally a world war, not all of the countries fought on both wars and the countries didnt fight everyone on each other in both wars, WW2 was classified as a war world because it splitted most of it [Europe and USA joined it too] into 2 groups that fought each other: Allies and Axis.

How many troops fought in world war ll?

50 million from all 57 countries involved in the conflict

How maby countries are involved in the world trade organization?

Look up World trade organization on wikipedia it will tell you all you need to know

What European countries were involved in World War 2?

Almost all of continental Europe was involved in World War 2. Many nations were invaded and occupied by Germany. Germany, France, England, Italy, and Russia were all combatants.

How did Philippines involved in World War 2?

World war 2 was a devastating time for all. Many countries, that wanted no part in the fighting and confusion unwillingly got sucked in the chaos. Countries such as the Phillipines.