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B-52 tailgunner; Crewman Samuel O. Turner shot down a North Vietnamese MIG-21 on 18 December 1972, during the "Christimas Bombing", Line Backer II. B-52 tailgunner; Crewman Albert E. Moore shot down a North Vietnamese MIG-21 on 24 December 1972, also during the "Christmas Bombing", Operation Linebacker II.

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None were officially recognized by the US of A, but one man, Pham Tuan, a NV Mig-21 Pilot was reported to have shot down a B-52 on 10/27/52. If it isn't true, he was still awarded the Ho Chi Minh Order and Order of Lenin along with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He eventually went on to become a cosmonaut and is now a Lt Gen in Vietnam.

This is the only claim with sufficient evidence to back it.

All other B-52s were reported shot down by SAMs.

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Q: Did any B-52 airmen bring down any MIGs?
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The most spectacular footage that may have been censored by the government, since it hasn't been seen again; but it was aired on television many years ago (10 or 20 yrs). Flights of B52 Stratofortress bombers over North Vietnam, possibly during President Nixon's Linebacker II campaign. One or more of the B52's were shown in flight being struck by SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles). One B52 in particular was struck where the wing connected with the fuselage and the bomber's wing folded upwards as the aircraft began it's downward dive to earth. During that air campaign, two NVAF MiG-21s were shot down by B52 tail gunners (confirmed aerial kills) and one NVAF MiG-21 claimed a B52 kill. All B52's probably had cameras during that mission, as B52's were critical...and camera coverage was necessary to correct errors and review after action analysis. Consequenly, some of those aforementioned actions may have also been aired during that sequence.

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