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yes many, that is where a lot of the action was taking place at.

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Q: Did any Civilians die at Charleston SC during the Civil war?
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Did any civilians die during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

7 civilian casualties

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Where there any mixed people during the civil war?

Yes, there were.

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Owner of the first battle in the civil war?

I don't think there was an owner. Do you by any chance mean winner of the first battle in the civil war? If so that would be South Carolina at the battle for Fort Sumter at Charleston South Carolina.

Was any civilians involved in the world war 2?

Yes 50 million civilians was killed in ww2, 45 million were allies civilians and 24 million of them were soviet civilians.

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No, there were no wars in Colorado during the Civil War

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Yes, there were naval battles; in fact, the first ironclad ships were invented during the Civil War.

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Women during the civil war could not have any jobs unless they were slaves and/or being in the house taking care of their children.

How was the south brought to economy ruin during the civil war?

The south was not allowed to import or export any goods during this blockade which lasted most of the Civil War.