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There was no actual war, so no one died in the war, since the war never happened.

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Q: Did anybody die in the cold war?
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How many us soldiers die in the cold war?

None, Soldiers weren't sent to the cold war it was called the cold war because it was the war that never happened.

What was the most people to die in a war?

the cold war was a incanificant war there ever was.

Who is a cold one?

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Did any Americans die during the Cold War?

The cold war was not a war; it was a military stand-off (no war). Americans died to operational causes (accidents).

Hot Wars were found where?

The term "hot war" should, and was intended to be used, only in conjunction with the term "cold war." Meaning that a "cold war" is a non-shooting war; and a "hot war" is a shooting war. Extra examples: 1. People die in "hot wars." 2. People do not die in "cold wars." (accidents don't count).

Can anybody in a war be kept as a POW?

Not when the war is over.

Does anybody die in gears of war 3?

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What was one place on the globe where the cold war was hot and US soldiers fought and died?

The cold war by definition was not a "war" but many spies die collecting information on the positions of nuclear long rangemissile.this is my best answer you may want to look father.The cold war turned into a "Hot" war in Korea and Vietnam.

Is stone cold dating anybody?

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Why did more people die in the war on terror than the cold war?

If you do not count the Viet Nam War and the Korean War then that statement saying there were more deaths in the war on terrorism than in the Cold War would be true. However, it is not true. If you consider the Cold War fought as an arms race and conflict of CIA vs. KGB that statement would hold true since there were less deaths. Since the Viet Nam War and the Korean War and the War in Afghanistan (with Russia) were all part of the Cold War then it is not true. So more people died in the Cold War than in the War on Terrorism.

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.