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The north and the south fought against each other

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Q: Did anyone fight on both sides during civil war?
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What did almost every state during the civil war do?

Sent people to fight on both sides.

Almost every state during the Civil War?

sent people to fight on both sides

Did Kentucky fight for the union during the civil war?

Kentucky was a border state. Individuals from Kentucky fought on both sides of the Civil War.

Did any people fight in the American Civil War from Missouri?

Yes. People from Missouri fought on both sides during the American Civil War.

Did people swap sides during the English Civil War?

People very rarely changed sides during the English Civil War.

Similarities between north and south during civil war?

Both the North and South during the Civil War had strong sense of nationalism and were willing to fight for their beliefs. Economically, both regions relied heavily on agriculture for their income. Furthermore, both sides experienced high casualties and suffered devastating losses during the war.

What were the two opposing sides during the US Civil Wars?

the two sides during the US civil war were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

Why did soldiers of both sides of the civil war choose to fight?

the two soldries decid to fight for more land

Who is an opportunists?

Anyone who waits until the end of a fight or disagrement and sides with the victor

Why was it difficult for many Americans to choose sides during the civil war?

the Americans in the civil war couldn't take sides because they were trying to fight against their own families. They felt very in sane for what they were doing and the got very upset. It's was depressing of the fight made the American very mad and nuts. For some people there were conflicts between loyalty to country, loyalty to state, and loyalty to family.

How women were able to fight in the civil war even though both sides forbade it?

dishes had to be washed

Who did the native American support during the civil war?

They supported both sides during the war