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Not if you expressed any disagreement with the Nazi party line. Answer #2 Much safer than if you had dark hair and named Goldberg.

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If you were a Jew, you were marked out for extermination, whatever your hair and eye colour.

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People were (usually) not sent to death camps on the basis of physical appearance, but on the basis of religion, race and politics.

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Q: Did blonde hair and blue eyed people survive the Holocaust?
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What are blonde hair blue eyes people in the holocaust called?

In the Holocaust, the non-Jewish people with these characteristics were called Aryans.

Did the Germans only kill the women and men during the holocaust?

they killed jewish people and anybody who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes

Was there a flag in the Holocaust?

The holocaust was the genocide of millions of people who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, mainly Jews. There is no flag for the holocaust itself but there is a flag for the party that conducted it which would be the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI in German).

Did Iranian people have blonde hair and blue eyes?

Yes they do have blue eyes and blonde hair....

Can you have a blonde blue eyed Jew?

Yes of course. Several Jewish children survived the Holocaust because they had Blond hair and Blue eyes.

Are blonde's with blue eyes hot?

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Everyone doesn't agree on what constitutes beauty. To some people blonde people with blue eyes are pretty.

What do the Jewish people have to do with the Holocaust?

The Jews - an estimated 5.7 million of them - were the largest group of victims of the holocaust. Also they were thought to have ruined hitlers plan for a perfect race which was Germans who had blonde hair and blue eyes so Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews because he always hated them

How did people get blue eyes and blonde hair?

By genes, they were born with them

Why did Hitler's super race have blonde hair and blue eyes and he did not?

The Aryans was not just blonde hair blue eyed people that was just propaganda and the ideal look, Hitler did have blue eyes.

Black dark hair people comes from Asia but where all blonde hair people originally comes from?

blonde hair is originally said to be of nordic (northwestern decent) same with blue eyes coining the term blonde hair blue eyes

What happened to the people Hitler saw had no blue eyes and blonde hair?

To be Aryan did not necessarily mean you had to have blonde hair & blue eyes. This interpretation of Aryan is a postwar pop-culture myth. Everyone knew what Hitler looked like. Very few of the top Nazi leaders had blonde hair & blue eyes. Even among the people of Norway & Sweden, blonde hair & blue eyes are not the majority.

Why they planned the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was dictated by Adolf Hitler, who murdered millions of Jews and other races in the 1940's at concentration camps that he found unworthy (such as Gypsies, etc.); he found these races to be harmful and unworthy because he thought of them as usually being big-nosed, ugly, and unfit. Hitler wanted to create a pure race of his own, called the "Aryans" and consisting of blonde haired & blue eyed people. However, Hitler, himself, did not even have blonde hair nor blue eyes.