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Sometimes, when a fisherman catches a 4 foot long fish, after he's told the story about twenty times, the fish has somehow grown into a 8 footer.

Probably some returning GI told how the "monsoons" rained for months without end. Well, it may have rained for months...but like most other places in the world, there were breaks in between. A day or two without rain, maybe a half a day with rain...and the other half without it, etc. It probably seemed to rain alot to most GIs for one very good reason; THEY HAD TO SLEEP IN IT!

Sleeping in the mud (from the rain) for just 24 hours will seem like you slept in the mud for a whole week. Sleeping in the mud for a week will seem like a month (or a year).

So, "did it rain in Vietnam...for four months..."; answer: for the men that had to live in it (and sleep, eat, and conduct hygiene functions, etc.) it probably felt like it did.

Quit watching Forrest Gump for factual reason.

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A combat GI, especially a grunt (infantryman) loses his concept of time in the war zone; and generally, only officers & NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officers/Sergeants) WORE WRIST WATCHES.

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because your mom was fat and cried all the time

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Q: Did it rain in Vietnam for four months during the Vietnam war?
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