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John Basilone had 9 brothers and sisters but I could not find any record of any of them having served in the arm forces during World War 2. You could try getting this book at the library-see below. It may say something about his family's participation in World War 2. He was quite a war hero.

See link below.

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Q: Did john basilone have a brother that fought in the 2nd world war?
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When was John Basilone born?

John Basilone was born on 1916-11-04.

How many casualties were there in the battle of John Basilone?

Basilone reportedly killed 38 personally and there were approximately 1,000 dead Japanese in his general area.

Where did John basilone die?

US Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone is buried at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, California .

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The set of stamps were issued in 2005 and are Scot numbers US 3961-4. The four Marines are John A. Lejeune, Lewis B. Puller, John Basilone and Daniel Daly.

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Why did john basilone get the medal of honor?

John Basilone single handely took out a Japeenese regiment during the Battle of Guadalcanal. He shot so many Japeenese, when they retreated , he had to move the dead bodies to get a good line of fire. He also sneaked up and attack a motor pit where the Jappenese had controlled. A graet american hero.

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