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Probably correct; as well as actor's Chuck Norris's brother; Errol Flynn's son; James Stewart's son. Entertainer Jay Leno's brother may have served in Vietnam...but probably was not a casualty.

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Q: Did tab hunter have a brother that was killed in Vietnam?
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Did the 101st jump in Vietnam?

The 173rd Abn Bde and possibly the 82nd Abn Div reportedly made a combat jump in Vietnam. The 101st Abn was redesignated an Airmobile Division in Vietnam, however the unit patches tab still retained it's AIRBORNE designation, and stationary reflected the title, "101st Airborne (Airmobile) Division."

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What lessons did the Vietcong learn during Operation Chopper?

This was the VC's first large scale engagement with helicopter borne combat troops, which occurred in 1962. Helicopter warfare WAS NEW to the world. Airborne Infantrymen (paratroopers) were born during WWII, the US Army experimented with the new concept of "Airmobile" (helicopter borne) Infantrymen during the early stages of the Vietnam War. By the time of the Ia Drang Battle in 1965 (see film: "We Were Soldiers...), the doctrine of Airmobile Divisions were now validated, and the US Army's 1st Cavalry Division became the 1st Air Cavalry Division. Later, the 101st Airborne Division would become the 101st Airborne (Airmobile) Division. The 101st Airborne was allowed to retain it's "Airborne" tab (above the shoulder patch Eagle's head), instead of replacing it with the "Airmobile" tab. In 1962, the communists learned how to determine how many choppers were enroute to their position, by the sound of the engines; they learned that if air activity was high over a certain area (aerial reconnaissance), then to be prepared for an air assault within that area. They learned that choppers can return machingun fire, and where those weapons can be positioned on the helicopter. They learned that if obstacles are placed on the LZ (Landing Zone) then the birds MUST disembark their infantrymen from the "hover" (without touching the ground). For anti-aircraft gunners, they learned some idea, about how long a helicopter would stay in the kill zone, while disembarking it's men.

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