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The great depression of the 1930's led to WW2; WW2 got the US out of the depression.

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Q: Did the Great Depression lead to cold war?
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Did the cold war happen before the Great Depression?

No, first came the Great Depression, then WW2, and finally the Cold War(1947-1991).

How did the great depression lead to the war?

it didnt

What came first Great Depression cold war Vietnam war civil rights movement?

great depression civil rights movement cold war vietnam war

How did the great depression lead to world war 2?

it didnt

How did World War 1 lead to the Great Depression and World War 2?

It led to the Great Depression because the U.S. was in debt to other countries

Did the great deprssion start after the cold war?

The great depression was started by the stockmarket crash of 1929 in the US, resulting in the 1930's depression. The cold war began as a result of nuclear weapons, the first of which was detonated in combat in August 1945. Consequently, the cold war began in 1945. WWII brought the US OUT OF THE DEPRESSION.

How did World War 1 costs lead to the Great Depression?

It didn't really. The Great Depression was caused more by the drought which devistated the economy.

What is the exact timeline of the Cold War?

The exact timeline of the Cold War is from 1921 to about 1930. The Cold War lasted to the beginning of the Great Depression which began in the 1930's.

Which branch of government gained power as a result of the Great Depression World War 2 and the Cold War?


What ended the Great Depression?

World War II

What came first Great Depression or world war you?

WWI was a major cause of the Great Depression.

How did the cold war spark the Great War?

The cold war did not spark the great war