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Q: Did the Nazi's nationalize industry
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Which American president tried to nationalize the steel industry?


Two reason why the government may nationalize an industry?

the government may nationalize an industry 1-the industry may be sinking or becoming bankrupt 2-the industry may be exploiting consumers rights an need to be repremanded =================== A third reason may be that a nations vital self interest requires the nationalization of various industries.

What is the meaning of the term government nationalize of industry?

a government takes over and operates factories

What is the meaning of government nationalization of industry?

This phase means government take-over of an industry. "nationalize" means the private ownership ends and the industry belongs to the "people" and "they" get the profits if there are any.

Reasons why government may nationalize an industry?

The industry may be declining or becoming bankrupt. The industry may be exploiting consumers rights and government wants to safe guard its citizens interest.

What is the meaning of nationalize bank?

Nationalize banks are those banks which are come under government undertakings.

What is a sentence for the word nationalize?

Nationalize means to make distinctly national. Church designs in that century were nationalized.

What is national as a verb?

As a verb, "national" can mean to make something specific to a particular country or nation. For example, to nationalize an industry means to transfer it from private to state ownership.

Who benefited the most from the Nazis?

The outstanding beneficiaries were German industry and the military.

Why are some industries nationalised?

the reason a government may nationalize an industry:1...the industry may be sinking or becoming bankrupt2...the industry may be exploiting customers and need to be reprimanded3....also the industry may be over stepping the consumers right so the government nationalised the industry so that the consumer's/customer's right will be put back into place

What is nationalize?

Nationalisation refers to the process by which a state takes over the operations of a firm. The word nationalization refers to the process of the government taking control over an industry or company for one of several reasons.

What does it mean to nationalize foreign property?

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