Did the Salish go to war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, and very often. They were great warriors and providers.

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Q: Did the Salish go to war?
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What is grandpa in salish?

In Salish, grandpa is "túckš."

How do you say turtle in Salish?

Go on google translate and mabye you'll find out

How do you say grandmother in salish?

In Salish, grandmother is translated to "qwm2ӝͽ".

What actors and actresses appeared in By the Salish Sea - 2012?

The cast of By the Salish Sea - 2012 includes: Darragh Kennan as Voice of Salish Man Elaine Miles as Voice of Salish Woman

When was Salish Kootenai College created?

Salish Kootenai College was created in 1977.

How do you say grandfather in salish?

In Salish, you would say "nukʷ" to refer to grandfather.

Where is Salish Kootenai College located?

Salish Kootenai College is located in the state of Montana.

Can you translate Squaw Creek into interior Salish language?

How do you say Happy Holiday in the Salish language?

How do you say we welcome you in interior salish?

In Interior Salish, you can say "sukʷs ɬkʷay," which translates to "we welcome you."

What has the author Mark Stewart Fleisher written?

Mark Stewart Fleisher has written: 'Clallam : a study in coast Salish ethnolinguistics' -- subject(s): Salish language, Salish Indians

How do you say happy new year in Salish?

In Salish, one way to say "happy new year" is "aw q̓éł člóɫxʷ", which is from the Salish dialect spoken by the Kalispel people. Different Salish languages may have variations in how "happy new year" is expressed.

Why did coast Salish have gatherings?

Coast Salish had gatherings when something special was going on, or, if something bad was going to happen.