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did the united states sign the document ending World War 1 why or why not

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Q: Did the US sign document ending World War I why or why not?
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Did the US sign the document ending World War 1 why or why not?

no they did not because president wilson died because of a paralizing stroke

Did the US sign the document that ended World War 1?

No....why do you ask these questions..

What documents did England sign in World War 2?

theye singed the document about cheese that its is cool!

What is the name of the town where Germans were forced to sign the armistice ending World War 1?


What year did Italy sign the peace treaty ending World War 2 with the US?


When did they sign the paper ending world war 2?

The instrument of surrender was on September 2nd, 1945.

Where the treaty ending world war 1 was sign?

Paris peace conference begins; Treaty of Versailles is signed.

What was the date for the armistice ending World War I?

1918 was the armistice ending of world war 1 .

What was the official document that was signed ending the war and giving colonists independence?

The Treaty of Paris.

When did the scramble for Africa ending?

World War I

What war ended at the signing of the Armistice document?

World War I

what dose diktat means in world war one?

diktat in a negative way to refer to the Treaty of Versailles, the document ending World War I. Today diktat can be used as a critical term for even minor regulations felt to be unfair or authoritarian.