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Yes, on october 20, 1818 the British-American Convention clarified the western border of Canada and the Untited States.

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Q: Did the british-american convention of 1818 fix the boundary between Canada and US?
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What did the Boer war and the Alaska boundary dispute have in common?

The Boer War and the Alaska boundary dispute were both conflicts that involved disputes over territory. The Boer War was fought between the British Empire and the Boer states in southern Africa, while the Alaska boundary dispute was a disagreement between the United States and Canada over the border between Alaska and Yukon. Both conflicts were resolved through negotiations and arbitration.

What does 5440 or fight mean?

it means you either fight or you stay back and out of the way.

How did the Cold War effect relations between Canada and the United States?

The cold war was good between the united states and Canada. It got them working together and the two countries became friends. Canada was mostly helping the US and not the USSR. That is why they became closer after the cold war and started helping each other out more.

Why did Canada enter the Boer war?

Canada was a dominion of Great Britain, so some of the troops sent by the British to Africa were from Canada. There were also Irish troops and, I think, Australian and New Zealand troops as well. The British were having a difficulty time fighting the Boers so they eventually sent more troops which might be why Canadians had to go. Or maybe they just had to go.

Why was Polk willing to risk war over California but not Oregon?

Because of money... Polk knew that California was needed as a way to monopolize trade with Asia and soon after the annexation of Texas and Mexican-American War was won this problem was solved but, both nations the United States and the United Kingdom claimed the Oregon region based on earlier exploration and the"right of discovery", described as "joint occupancy," making any resolution of the territorial and treaty issues until a later time. However later failed to settle upon a compromise boundary because British wanted to keep their fur trade South of the Columbia River for their powerful/profitable trading companies and the Oregon Dispute became important between the British Empire and the new American Republic. It was urged by the Democratic party for Polk to negotiate a boundary with the British because of "Manifest Destiny" era of the US. Polk accepted a compromise along the 49th parallel and it is still the boundary between the United States and Canada today..

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Which agreement set the boundary between the US and British Canada at the forty-ninth parallel?

Convention 0f 1818

How do you use boundaries in a sentence for kids?

there is a boundary i between America and Canada

The distance between the tip of Northern Canada to the tip of Southern Canada?

The total length from the Northern Canada boundary to the Southern Canada boundary is 8890 kilometres.

Sentence with the word boundary?

Never cross the boundary. Boundaries are important for schools. This is the boundary between the U.S. and Canada.

Which 2 waterways make up almost half the boundary between the US and Canada?

which waterways make up almost half the boundary between the united states and Canada

Is the St Lawrence River part of ther US or Canada boundary?

What saint Lawrence river forms a boundary between the Canadian province of

What is the name of the boundary line between Canada and USA?

49 Parallel

What is the great lake that are the part of the boundary between?

Canada and the United States

Where was the boundary between the US and Canada finally set?

The Monroe Doctrine

The dispute over the Oregon boundary was between?

The dispute over where the Oregon boundary was located was between the United States and Great Britain. They were in disagreement on where the boarder between Oregon and Canada should be drawn.

What river forms a natural boundary between the northeastern us and southeastern Canada?


What was the results of the Webster Ashburton Treaty of 1842?

The boundary between the Maine and Canada was defined.