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Gold was an officer, red was artillery.

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Q: Did the color band on the confederate soldiers hat mean anything?
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What is a train band in the militia?

they were proud of having stood their ground against the British soldiers

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There have been and continue to be many gay soldiers throughout all of history. In antiquity, homosexuality was common among renowned warrior civilizations such as the Spartans, and the elite Sacred Band of Thebes was composed entirely of 150 pairs of homosexual lovers. All militaries throughout all time have had famous and accomplished soldiers who happened to be homosexual (usually covertly), and today there are many organizations dedicated towards supporting gay veterans and active soldiers.

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Captain Samuel Douglass fought in the Revolutionary War. He lead a band of soldiers in response to the alarm at Concord. All of soldiers lived around Townsend Hill (called at that time Nissequassick Hill). Captain Samuel (b 1723 in Scotland) was the oldest son of Samuel and Hepzibah (Richardson) Douglass. He was brother to Hepzibeth, Mary, Phinehas and Joseph. In 1764, he married Mary Conant in Brookline NH and had a son, Samuel (b. 1767) who became a Deacon.