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No, the Vietnam War ended when the last US forces evacuated from the rooftop of the US embassy by helicopter. The South Vietnamese government soon fell and North Vietnam was victorious.

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From the aspect of the cold war; yes.

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Q: Did the conflict of the Vietnam War result in a lasting peace?
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Did conflict result in a lasting peace?


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There has never been a lasting peace. Countries inevitably find reasons for war.There has never been a lasting peace.

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No, it did not.

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peace came to World War 1 was that four people came to Versailles to discuss the plans for peace.

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We did not have a war since world war 2. As soon as we dropped bombs Japan surrendered. AMERICA WON = )THANKS ALL VETERANS USA USA USA USA USA ; )

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The war ended on 30 April 1975 with the defeat of South Vietnam and the unification of the country under the rule of the communists. Many in the South were killed or sentenced to indoctrination camps.

Did the World war 2 conflict end in lasting peace?

i don't know that's what im trying to figure out it just brought me to this page.

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The Philippines was the exception, it developed into a protracted, violent, obscene and deadly war.

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