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With exception of Tennessee, which was readmitted in 1866, the ten former Confederate States were readmitted between 1868 and 1870.

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Q: Did the reconstruction act of 1867 readmit all southern states in 1870?
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Who fought to restrict African American rights during reconstruction?

President Andrew Jackson restricted African American rights during reconstruction. Blacks were excluded from southern politics. Radical Reconstruction occurred from 1867 to 1877

What are the parts of the reconstruction act of 1867?

4 parts of reconstruction act of 1867

What are Specific parts of the reconstruction act of 1867?

4 parts of reconstruction act of 1867

Who introduced the reconstruction act of 1867?

The Reconstruction Act of 1867 was introduced by President Andrew Johnson.

How did the first reconstruction act divide the 10 southern states?

After the Civil War the first reconstruction act was enacted in 1867. This divided the southern states into five territories that were each governed by marshal law. The five districts included; 1. Virginia, 2. North and South Carolina, 3. Alabama, Georgia and Florida, 4. Arkansas and Mississippi and 5. Texas and Louisiana.

When was the reconstruction of the south?

in 1867

What has the author Janice Carol Hood written?

Janice Carol Hood has written: 'Brotherly hate: a quantitative study of southern reconstruction congressmen, 1867-1877' -- subject(s): Case studies, Politics and government, United States, United States. Congress

What was the reconstructional act of 1867?

The Congressional Reconstruction Act of 1867 organized the south into 5 military districts, and the states had to have a military leader from the north (Marshall law). The southern states also had abolish of the black codes,and ratify the 14th amendment. This act also banned Confederate leaders from voting, and any who didn't pledge their allegiance to the U.S.

Why was the Reconstruction Act of 1867 passed?

To place southern states, other than Tennessee, under military rule.

Which of these was an important provision of the Radical Republicans' Reconstruction Act of 1867?

The provisions of the Reconstruction Act of 1867 were that the South would be divided into 5 military regions, members of the ruling class before the war lost their voting rights, and in order for the Southern states to reenter the Union, they had to approve new state constitutions that gave the vote to all men, including African Americans and they had to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment.

What was not a requirement of former Confederates states under the Reconstruction Act of 1867?

They would be divided into military districts headed by union generals

Who made the reconstruction act?

The Congress, in March 1867