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The first answerer said, "No."
The common consensus would be that it was indeed fought over slavery, but of course the South was FOR slavery, and the North was AGAINST slavery.

There were other underlying tensions, particularly about State vs. Federal rights.
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Most of them did not enlist in order to fight slavery. They were fighting for the integrity of the Union, partly because they held it sacred, and partly because they wanted the vast cotton revenues back.

When the Confederates looked as though they were winning, the British showed an interest in granting recognition and sending military aid.

This was Lincoln's biggest worry, and the only way to deter them was to turn the war into an official crusade against slavery, so that free nations abroad could not aid the South without looking pro-slavery themselves.

So he issued the Emancipation Proclamation as an urgent tactical war-measure, but also hoping that the Northern public would feel inspired by it. The mid-term elections showed that they did not.

Meanwhile the Union troops were now licensed to free any slaves they came across, and it is reasonable to claim that a good many of them began to see that slavery was yesterday's system. General Sherman, not exactly famous as a human rights activist, declared that the planters could no more get their slaves back than revive their dead grandfathers.

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Q: Did the union soldiers fight against slavery?
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Did the union army fight against slavery?


True or false during the Civil War union soldiers fought against slavery?


Where Blacks excluded from the Union armies?

No, blacks were allowed to fight in the war. Remember, the Union was against slavery. There were some all African American regiments and some mixed regiments. The Confederate Army even had black soldiers.

Were the south against slavery or were the union?

The Union (North) was against slavery while the Confederate (South) was against slavery.

Was William sherman against or for slavery?

He was against slavery, because he was on the union side. The union side was against slavery.

Why did union soldiers decide to join the civil war?

they were against slavery and wanted the U.S.A to remain "United".

Why did Americans fight against each other at Gettysburg?

America was split in the Civil War: Southern states for slavery, Northern states against it. Once the South seceded from the Union, the North had no choice but to fight and win the war against slavery.

Why was willian t sherman against slavery?

William T. Sherman was against slavery because he was on the Union side. The Union side was against slavery. When the Confederate side was for slavery. So since Sherman's on the Union side, he was against it.

Was the union for slavery?


What did slaves do after slavery?

fight for the Union army or help other people get out of slavery.

Was the union for or against slavery and why?

No they thought slavery was bad that's how the civil war started but in the 1800s there was slavery in the north and south. The Union was anti-slavery.

What work did Sojourner Truth do?

Sojourner Truth fought for womens rights and against slavery. She helped many black union soldiers in th Civil War.