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No, the Swastika was the symbol of the Nazi party. The party was formed after the great war by disaffected men unhappy at the perceived injustice of the treaty of Versailles and what they saw as the weak Weimar republic.

Yes, the Swastika was used in WW1 by various units. The Swastika was an ancient symbol and the American Indians used it as a good luck symbol. The US 45th Infantry Division wore a shoulder sleeve insignia that included a Swastika because of its association with Oklahoma Indians. (Later it became a Red Diamond with a Yellow Swastika which was changed to a Yellow Thunderbird at the outbreak of WW2---because of its association with the Nazi's.)

The Swastika was painted on several WW1 aircraft. One of France's leading Ace had a large swastika painted on the sides and top of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The Lafeyette Escadrille, composed of Americans who volunteered to fly for the French, had the head of an Indian Chief painted on their aircraft and on the bonnet was a small swastika.

The Finnish national insignia was a Blue Swastika but I'm not sure if it was used during WW1 or after. During WW2 the Finnish national insignia painted on their aircraft was a white circle with a Blue Swastika. It may have been used in WW1.

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Wrong! Ā Iā€™m looking at pictures of a biplane from ww1 with a swastika on it.

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Q: Did they have the swastika in World War 1?
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When was the first swastika used World War 1 or World War 2?

The swastika is a very old symbol. But to answer your question it was used by the Nazis in World War 2.

Why does swastika represent World War 1?

It doesn't: It's a WW2 emblem.

What was the name of the nasis cross in World War 2?


What was the swastika in world war 2?

The symbol of the Nazi party.

What did the swastika sign mean in world war ll?

it was the sign that symbolized the nazis.

What is the arm band of the Germans called in World War 2?

it is called a Swastika.

What did the swastika mean before World War 2?

Good luck, strength, and power.

What sign did the Germans have on there planes in World War 2?

I think that they had a short verson of the swastika

Name of the bent cross used by the national socialist workers party in World War 2?

the swastika

When did the Swastika start being used World War 1 OR World War 2?

The Swastica was first used in WWII when Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. The symbol was stolen from an ancient Indian (India) smbol as a symbol for the Nazis.

Where might you see a swastika during World War 2?

In Germany and in Germany conquered areas during that time.

Who was the German pilot from World War 1 who was Jewish and used the swastika as his symbol?

Yes. Vizefeldwebel Fritz Beckhardt (27 March 1889 - 13 January 1962).For a photo, please see related links down below.The swastika was a symbol of luck before the nazism, and it has been used for thousands of years. Somewhere around the world it's still in use, for example a swastika is still a symbol of the Finnish Air-force.