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Are you having a laugh? World War One occurred in nineteen fourteen. The British forces used, Lee-Enfield rifles, Howitzer artillery pieces, and machine guns. We also invented the Tank.
By World War One guns and gunpowder had been used for well over 200 years.

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Q: Did world war 1 use guns and gunpowder?
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Was gunpowder used in guns for was in the 15th centery?

All guns use gunpowder (gun+powder= gunpowder). The 15th century saw early crude guns first being used, including use in war. However, the early guns were not accurate nor reliable, and the military still used bows, swords, lances and pikes MUCH more frequently than guns.

What was used in place of gun powder during the Civil War?

Nothing was used in place of gunpowder during the Civil War. Gunpowder was made and used extensively by both sides. During the Civil War the guns used black powder for propellant. Modern guns use smokeless powder, which has a completely different chemical composition.

What weapons did the americans use in World War 2?


When were machine guns introduced in world war 1?

Machine guns were in use BEFORE WW 1. They were around for the entire war.

Are there golden guns in Call of Duty World at War?

No there is not golden guns in World at war.

What guns changed from world war 1 to world war 2?

the machine guns

What major weapons did they use in World War I?

They useded big macksheen guns

What was the use of Machine Guns in World War 1?

They were a powerfull defensive weapon.

Was Germany the first to use machine guns in World War 1?

All of the major players in WWI possessed machine guns before the outbreak of the war.

What do they use in World War 2?

Guns bombs anything that causes pain really

What kind of guns did Australia use in World War 2?

Pistols, rifles, machine guns, mortars, artillery and other cannon.

Do people still use gunpowder in fireworks?

Gunpowder is the explosive component that propels the "bullet" from the gun. The answer is, yes gunpowder is still as important to the operation of a gun as gasoline is to the operation of a car. Just like gasoline for cars, gunpowder has changed and gotten better at what it does over the past century (or centuries), so the gunpowder used in modern guns is not the same exactly as the gunpowder used , for example, in the civil war, but it is still gunpowder and it is still necessary to operate a gun.