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yes;you can buy them at toys r us and Walmart.

in the toy section.

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Q: Do They Still Sell Battle B Daman?
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Is b-daman still in stores?

B-daman, yes

Is there any second season of b-daman?

yes, Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits.

What are the ratings and certificates for Battle B-Daman - 2005?

Battle B-Daman - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Denmark:A USA:TV-Y7

Where to buy b-daman toys cobalt blaster?

You can buy B-Daman toys like the Cobalt Blaster from various online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, or specialty toy stores. You may also find them at some physical toy stores or stores that sell anime or manga merchandise.

Where can you buy the battle b-daman Lord Cavalry?

Buy it at etc.

Where can you Watch b-daman battle spirits episodes 27-52?

You can find those episodes on Youtube.

Where to buy battle b-daman?

najmi paling macho sekali di galaksi kecuali Allah

Where to buy b-daman in indonesia?

You can buy B-Daman in Indonesia on the eBay website.

How do you get cobalt saber in battle b-daman game?

in the 1st game you have to defeat the whole game. In the second game you can not get him.

Which is the most powerful b-daman in b-daman fire spirit?

lord calvary and break ogre

Where can you buy b-daman toys in banglore?

you cant buy b-daman toys in Bangalore now

Where to buy b daman in nepal?

B-Daman has been discontinued in Nepal. Unless you buy it from Indonesia.