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do banks in the u.s.a take old 200 cog hoa xa hoi chu nghia viet nam papper money

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Q: Do banks take old 200 CONG HOA XA Hoi chu nghia VietNam?
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What is the Vietnam war about?

the northern Vietnamese wanted Communism so the democratic Vietnamese fled to south Vietnam, the democratic part, mean while the southern communists still were there and decided they should take Vietnam as a whole communist country. they became the Viet Cong and the northern Vietnamese sent supplies to the Viet Cong through the Ho Chi Minh Trail to aid the Viet Cong(the DMZ kept them from crossing the boarder whit weapons).

Why were the north Vietnamese and south Vietnamese fighting?

The NVA and ARVN fought in South Vietnam. The only fighting taking place in North Vietnam was between jet aircraft (the air war).

What support did the Vietcong get?

All the support the North Vietnamese could give them and they were supplied by the Soviets in their turn. After 1969/70 the Viet Cong were all but eliminated as a fighting force and the NVA was infiltrated into the South by the Ho Chi Min trail, men and supplies. This does not take into account all the support that some people of South Vietnam gave the Viet Cong.

Why did the North South Vietnam army US Army and Vietcong army fight?

The north Vietnamese were fighting with the south Vietnamese because the Viet-min (north) wanted to impliment a communist government and the Viet-cong (south) wanted to remain as they were. The USA interfene and made the whole thing worse.

Where the Vietnam war take place?


Who was Ho Chi Minh and the Vietcong and why were they important?

Ho Chi Minh was prime minister of North Vietnam. He was important because he was the leader of the primary country we were fighting.Understanding the VC is going to take some explaining. In Vietnam there were four main armies. First were the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and the People's Army of Vietnam. The US referred to the PAVN as the NVA - North Vietnamese Army. Next were the various foreign armies in the conflict on both sides. And finally was the National Liberation Front - which were South Vietnamese citizens attempting to overthrow the South Vietnamese government. "Cong" is Vietnamese for communist, so the US called the NLF the Viet Cong. The Hanoi government controlled the NLF through an agency the US called the Central Office for South Vietnam, or COSVN. (The official Vietnamese name is long and grandiose.) Now here's where it gets fun: COSVN, although it ran the war in South Vietnam, was not in Vietnam - it was in Mimot Province, Cambodia.The importance of the VC was that it was providing the lion's share of Communist combat troops in South Vietnam.

Who fought against Vietnam?

Vietnam WAS TWO COUNTRIES. The communist north was attempting to take over the free south. The US, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, sent troops to help South Vietnam repel the north. North Vietnam was allied to southern communists living in South Vietnam, called the Viet Cong (VC). The communist nations of Red China and the Soviet Union supplied war material for their communist ally, North Vietnam (and the VC).

What did the viet cong want?

The Viet Cong wanted to help Communist Vietnam make Democratic Vietnam communist. They helped by tricking soldiers into thinking that they were South Vietnamese peasants, and they were harmless. They also put bombs on babies or set bombs beneath babies to bring US soldiers to their deaths.

In what spot did the Vietnam war take place in?


Who were the two countries the Vietnam War was between?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. N. Vietnam wanted communism to take over, but S. Vietnam didn't. So on N. Vietnam's side were Russia and China, and a group of rebellious ppl called Vietcong. They were called the Communists. On S. Vietnam's side was the U.S. and SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, consists of Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and The Philippines.)North against the South.

What country did the vietnam war take place?

South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Why did north Vietnam invade south Vietnam?

The North wanted to unite Vietnam under one communist flag